Presidential Oaks, Our Home

Our home is a precious thing.  The residents our family.


Yes we have our problems and concerns as does every place; the state of the union, financial worries, and the economy.


We can view these problems as hindrances to our abilities to provide all that we can for the residents and staff of Presidential Oaks, or we can view them as stepping stones on the way to a new horizon.


I see the Board of Trustees, the CEO Anne Purington and the staff of Presidential Oaks as viewing them as stepping stones, learning and providing for the residents and community alike.


Go back to your lodges and share the information that you have been presented today at the annual Incorporators meeting for Presidential Oaks.  See what we can do as Oddfellows and Rebekahs to spread the word about our beautiful home.


To Visit, the Presidential Oaks Website click on the hyperlink at the top of this page. 



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