Grand Master’s Program and Projects
Grand Master Walter George Projects and Outlook for the year.

The projects that I have selected for my year as Grand Master are Breast Cancer Awareness and Feeding the Elderly.
My Mother was a 20-year breast cancer survivor. But, she lost 2 sisters to the disease. All of us, at some time in our lives, will have a relative or friend who will be stricken by this dreaded disease. I hope they find a cure soon. They are getting closer.
Feeding the Elderly is a program sponsored by AARP. Many of our older population struggle to make ends meet on their Social Security check. They scrape along day by day without enough money to get food for decent meals. My thought is to get every lodge in the state to donate $300 or more for the year in their local towns. Once every month, they could go to their grocery store and pick up 20 frozen dinners (more if they are on sale!) and take them to their local Senior Centers to send home with their patrons. This is a nationwide program sponsored by AARP.
Also, if time allows, my wife and I would like to volunteer for a week at Camp NEOFA.
I am going to ask all lodges to send me a list of their fundraiser projects for the year. My wife and I enjoy going to their auctions, dinners, Penny socials etc. For us, it really doesn't matter where it is, if we are free, we will be there. I would like to speak to all lodges about supporting each other with their fundraisers not just by sending money, but by attending their event.
I hope to have 3 Instructional Days this year located in different parts of the state so that everyone will have a chance to attend. The one we had this year was short but informative. I have been in the order for 20 years and have never known about one taking place. I learned a lot at this one.
I am looking forward to this year. I hoping that the year goes smoothly, but if it doesn't, I will deal with whatever comes my way.

In Friendship, Love, and Truth

Walter George, Grand Master

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