Brothers and Sisters,
We would like to extend our congratulations to Walter George our new Grand Master and his slate of officers for the up and coming year.  If you see our new officers out and about please congratulate them and wish them a great year.

Jerry L. Flanders, PGM Web Master
Please note that the website has been updated to reflect the new Grand Master and his slate of officers.  The Grand Master's Message and Projects for the coming year have also been posted.
The new committee list will be posted as soon as I can digitize the new information.

AS most of you are aware the website is in need of a drastic overhaul and rewrite.  I have posted a couple of surveys further down this page regarding what you as viewers would like to see as improvements to the site. 

I would like to see as many responses as possible in the 30 days before I take down this site for a month or so for the rebuild.  The site will not be gone for good but just enough time to rebuild it and make it better.  Please tell me what you would like to see.

As always I am asking lodges and members to contribute to the site.  We need fresh material on a monthly basis.
Submissions should be in by the 15th of the month so that they can be posted by the beginning of the next month.

Attention Brothers and Sisters,
Both Grand Masters list have been corrected and updated to reflect the most recent changes and Junior Grand Master
Now that this year's annual session is over, I will be taking down the website for a drastic overhaul. It has grown shabby and out of date after 10 years and needs a major facelift  It should take about a month.  Hopefully, you see a much-improved website more to everyone's liking.

Please take this short survey regarding our website and how we can improve it for the update and changes to this site:

Modify Website

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