A is for Activity, a sign of a healthy Lodge
B is for Benevolence, simply doing something for others
C is for Communication, telling what you do or believe in
D is for Degrees, the lifeblood  of Odd Fellowship
E is for Education, teaching others what we are about
F is for Friendship, the first Degree which teaches goodwill and harmony
G is for God, the Supreme Creator
H is for Hope, that which gives promise for the future
I is for Initiation, the primary instruction of our principles
J is for Justice, that which is morally or legally right
K is for Knowledge, understanding gained by experience
L is for Love, the second degree teaching service to others and family
M is for Mission, to make the world a better place to live in
N is for Natural, not artificial by sincere
O is for Orphan, one without association of Odd Fellowship
P is for Program, a brief outline of the Order a plan or procedure
Q is for Quiet, to show respect by listening without interruption
R is for Respect, a high or special regard for, concern
S is for Service, required duty, to be of use
T is for Truth, the 3rd degree of our Order,  the real state of things, the foundation of society
U is for Universal, affecting the entire world without exception
V is for Virtue, conforming to a standard of right
W is for World, the field of our activities
X is for unknown, what most people understand of Odd Fellows
Y is for Youth, the most able to help our Order grow and expand
Z is for Zero, how many Odd Fellows will be left if we do not act

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