Grand Lodge Standing Committees 2017 - 2018

If you need to contact a committee member, please call the Grand Secretary for contact information or your Lodge Secretary
                                           Grand Lodge Standing Committees 2017-2018
Appeals and Grievances David Wyatt, PGM #5 2018
  Maurice Lussier, PGM #24 2019
  David Kinson, PGM 2020
Auditing Committee James Lawrence, PGM #38 2018
  David Lent, PGM #53 2019
  David Wyatt, PGM #5 2020
By-Laws of Subordinates Paul Taylor #24 2018
  George Abbott, PGP #61 2019
  James Lawrence, PGM #38 2020
Credentials Dennis Couturier, PGM #61 2018
  Joseph Losh #36 2019
  Brian C. McGuire, PGM #42 2020
Executive Committee Walter George Grand Master
  Patrick Doughty Dep. Grand Master
  Leroy Simond Grand Warden
  Kevin R Taylor PGM Grand Secretary
  Gary Benner PGM Grand Treasurer
  David Lent, PGM Grand Representative
  Brian C. McGuire, PGM Jr. Past Grand Master
Finance Jerry Flanders, PGM 2018
  Maurice Lussier, PGM 2019
  Robert Dufresne, PGM 2020
Legislation Chester Lapointe, PGM 2018
  George Abbott, PGP 2019
  Kevin Taylor, PGM 2020
Grand Bodies Planning Board Grand Master  
  Deputy Grand Master  
  Grand Warden  
  Grand Secretary  
Joint Jurisdictional Youth Committee Rick Davis 2018
  Paul Taylor 2018
  Josheph Losh 2019
  Mike Adams, PDDGM 2019
  Gary Ward 2020
  Brian McGuire, PGM 2020
                                           Grand Lodge Standing Committees 2017-2018  (Cont)
Membership Maurice Lussier, PGM   
  Kevin R. Taylor, PGM  
   Dennis Couturier, PGM  
  Grand Master  
Rebekah Lodges Chester Lapointe, PGM 2018
  Dennis Couturier, PGM 2019
  John Farwell, PGM 2020
State of the Order Gary Benner, PGM 2018
  David Kinson, PGM 2019
  David Lent, PGM 2020
                                         Grand Lodge Special Committees 2017-2018
Arthritis Grand Warden (Grand Warden to select comm.)  
Attendance Dennis Couturier, PGM  
  Joseph Losh  
Badges Dennis Couturier, PGM  
  Brian McGuire, PGM  
Community Services  Grand Warden  
By SGL Directive the Grand Warden is Chairperson. 1  
Courtesy James A Lawrence, PGM, PGP  
  David Lent, PGM  
  David Wyatt, PGM, PGP  
Eaton Park Committee Grand Master  
  Deputy Grand Master  
Memorials  Mike Adams Grand Chaplain
NH Odd Fellows/Rebekahs Scholarships Sandra Nickerson  
  Dennis Couturier, PGM 2019
  Paul J. Taylor 2020
Resolutions: Chester Lapointe, PGM 2018
  Muarice Lussier, PGM, PGP 2019
  Brian C. McGuire, PGM 2020
Relief Committee (Perpetual Trust Fund) Charles Hafner 2018
  Robert Wright 2019
  Kevin R. Taylor, PGM 2020
Meritorious Service David Wyatt, PGM  
  Gary Benner, PGM  
  David Lent, PGM  
Junior Past Grand Master Brian C. McGuire, PGM Tel: 603-672-4423
  504 Nashua St. Apt 605  
  Milford NH 03055  

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