About Us 

  • A  Family Fraternity
Striving to make the world a better place in which to live.

  • Motto

"Friendship, Love and Truth"

  • Objective

"To Improve and Elevated the Character of Mankind"

  • The Three Links

The Emblem of Odd Fellowship is the Three Links with the letter "F. L. & T."  The three links symbolizes the chain that binds our membership  together and illustrates that a fraternity is strongest when joined together.

The "F" in the first link represents " friendship", the strongest bond of fraternity that teaches us good will and harmony.

The "L" represents "love", the basis for all life's ambitions, service to others, and family.

The "T" represents "truth" the standard by which we value people and the foundation of our society.*

*The above paragraphs were taken directly from the application for membership.

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