In Memory of 
Our Members Who Have Passed On to the Grandest Lodge of all.

Members who have passed away since the last annual session:


Lodge Last Name First Name Date of Death Highest Rank
Jurisdiction Lodge Smith Beatrice 5/20/2016 3rd
White Mountain Lodge #5 Northcott Alan 2/22/2017 PDDGM
Motolinia Lodge #18 Sears Ronald 3/4/2017 PGM 
Mascoma Lodge #20 Downes Daniel 3/18/2017 PNG
Mascoma Lodge #20 Clark Edward   2/27/2017 PNG
Webster Lodge #24 Grayshan Russell 1/31/2017 PNG
Webster Lodge #24 Christy George 6/11/2016 PNG
Webster Lodge #24 Sousa Leonard 10/16/2016 PNG
Cardigan Lodge #38 Merritt Daniel 1/21/2017 PNG
Custos Morum Lodge #42 Mace Richard 12/24/2016 PNG
Waverley Lodge #59 Dunbar Ronald 11/19/2015 3rd
Echo Lodge #61 Palmer Wilbur 9/27/2016 PNG
Echo Lodge #61 Russell Edward Jr. 11/8/2016 PGP, PDC
Fidelity Lodge #71 Albee Everett 1/28/2016 3rd
Fidelity Lodge #71 Spinruey Chester 7/11/2016 3rd
Heidelberg Lodge #92 Littlefeild Lloyd 2/13/2016 Chaplain
Heidelberg Lodge #92 Bickford John 6/19/2016 3rd
Mt Jefferson #103 Burt James 12/26/2015 3rd





The Last Degree

  Contributed by our Grand Chaplain

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As released by Sovereign and contributed by Bro. Elwin Boisvert.

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